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Moving with Family - Moving with Family

Moving with your Family

Deciding to move and relocate with your family to a new place is no easy task. Family relocation is in fact one of the toughest moving challenges that you will face. You and your family will have to make many adjustments to move to a new place and settle down there. So we suggest that as soon as you decide to move, you sit down and discuss it with your family. And before you move actually move, give enough time to the children and help them to deal with the move.

People with school going children generally decide to move with their families during school vacation times. This seems the right thing to do so your child does not miss school, and can have time to familiarize with the new place before he/she joins their new school. Though in reality this might not be such a good idea. The school is where children make friends. If you shift during the school break then there are chances that your child will be left lonely in a foreign environment, with lesser chances of making new friends.

After such a vacation in an unknown place with no friends, your child may continue to feel like an alien, even after their new school starts. The first day is characterized by thrill and anticipation, by a host of activity all around, and by fun and frolic. It is most likely that your little one may not feel like a part of all the excitement especially because he does not know anyone around. So perhaps if you are planning for a family move we would suggest that you should move when your child can go from their current surrounding to the new one. Being able to participate in the new environment, rather than feel lonely in an unfamiliar place, is important for your children.

Another truth about moving your family is, the smaller the children, the better they can deal with the ordeal of moving to a new home, perhaps in your city or another state or even if it’s a different country. However, infants and very young children may feel bewildered as to what is happening. Thus its best that you make them understand what is happening in their language. Make the move sound like a game and see your little ones enthusiasm grow!

Children basically get upset with moving is because they dread that after their family moves to a new place they will not make new friends or be accepted in the new school easily. They are scared of change and of the unknown. For your older or teenage children, this worry is more profound as their peer group is a part of their identity for them.

Make sure that prior to moving your family, you tell your children what they should expect from the new place. If you keep a positive attitude about the move, then your kids will also react positively to moving.

Involve them at all stages of moving. Take them with you to see houses. That could be a fun game of finding the right home. In case taking them along with you is not possible, then get pictures of the best few houses that you are considering. Take pictures of the place where you are moving to. Especially, the interesting places to visit. Show these to your children. Let them help you choose the right house.

Decide on the right movers, and make sure you pack everything carefully and mark it all down on a list. Keep only stuff you need, and discard everything you don’t need. Anything you haven’t used for a year or two would qualify for this. Let packing be fun for your children.

It is most likely that you yourself will undergo pre-move blues and feel slightly anxious and nervous - no matter how bright the future prospects may be. After your move, give enough time to your family and discuss your feelings and share your experiences. This will help you all deal with the move as a family.

Lastly, explore the new neighborhood together. Go with the children to their new schools and walk around with them. Understand that they maybe sad and miss their old home and old friends. So be patient with them.

If you need a new job, seek professional help with counselors to see what kind of jobs you should do. Keep looking out for the available jobs in the new place you move. So, with some adjustment you can make the best of the move even if you have to leave your old job to move. Follow the suggestions here and family relocation or moving with your family will not be, after all such a difficult ordeal!

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