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Moving to Spain


Congratulations!! You have made up your mind to join the thousands of people who have successfully moved to Spain. It is certain that you are eagerly looking forward to a moving to Spain guide to help you start a new life there. You need to truly plan your entire project of moving to Spain so that the process becomes a smooth and successful transition.

The moving to Spain checklist must indeed be a long and detailed one. Let us first decide where we are going to settle after moving to Spain. Southern Spain with its world class infrastructure and the finest quality living is an excellent place to set up home.

Having decided the place, let us move on to the next item in the moving to Spain checklist. Now we need to have a clear and concise picture of the most important things to know before moving to Spain. Our next area of decision will involve if you need to rent a place or buy one on moving to Spain. If you choose to rent a place, it might give you the added advantage of getting familiarized with the atmosphere and the surrounding neighborhood before you think of buying property in Spain. You need not rush to take any hasty decision on buying. On moving to Spain you may assess the basic facilities like shopping, transportation, safety etc. and then go ahead with your purchase of property.

The next very important item in the moving to Spain checklist is about healthcare. This is something that requires planning in advance before moving to Spain. Find out about your healthcare entitlements in Spain. It is very much advised that you take up private health care as the first and foremost step in your process of moving to Spain.

Taking the next place in the moving to Spain checklist is schools and colleges. If you have children of school going age, it is best to do some research on the various schooling possibilities before moving to Spain. After taking major decisions like is it going to be Spanish or an International School, you may contact them on the internet itself for their prospectus and application forms.

A basic element that cannot be ignored in your moving to Spain checklist is the knowledge of the local language. You might find English being spoken in many places but it gives you great advantage in knowing the basic phrases commonly used and your communication becomes very smooth.

Your moving to Spain checklist should definitely include the idea of own transportation. There is no doubt that public transportation system is an excellent one in Spain. However, mobility levels increase if you have your own mode of transport. You will also be able to explore the areas to your convenience.

Pets take up an important place in the moving to Spain guide. Pets traveling in Europe need to fulfill certain health requirements. You need to make sure that you pet is allowed to move with you to Spain. Acquiring an EU Pet Passport may be a long process. So prepare for this much in advance.

Food occupies a place of great importance in your moving to Spain checklist. You need to be prepared to face the different cuisines on moving to Spain. Acquaint your self with the different cuisines available in Spain. The food shopping you will be able to do in Spain is totally a different experience and you need to be prepared. It is said that you very rarely get ready-made foods in Spain. Everything is preferred fresh here. On doing a little bit of research you will be able to identify the places where you could get fresh fruits, vegetable and groceries at the best rates.

Do not forget to include money matters in your moving to Spain checklist. It is advisable to open a Spanish Bank Account. Before opening the account you need to procure your foreigners’ identification number from the nearest police station in Spain. This document is very important for all legal and monetary procedures in Spain. On moving to Spain, this must take your utmost priority.

You also need to have an idea of the taxation system prevalent in the country. Resident or non-resident system of taxation is in vogue. Have an idea of the various types of tax deductions available before moving to Spain.

Cost of living as a whole entity occupies a place of great significance in your moving to Spain checklist. Have a clear idea of all the major heads if expense including utility services like power, water, fuel, home groceries, eating out, education, medical health etc. This will equip you with great confidence on starting your new life in Spain.

Assess the information collected and take an independent decision. Just always remember to make a confident beginning even before landing the soil of another country so that life there begins on a happy and successful note. Hopefully, this moving to Spain guide will help you jump start your preparations.

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