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Moving Large Furniture

For moving to a new home you have to keep few things in mind when it comes to packing. Packing well can actually make your moving a rather simple thing. You can pack yourself, or you can also hire packers to pack your possessions.

Whether you are moving to an apartment or a three-bedroom home, the one thing that you will have to deal with is furniture. Furniture is heavy, bulky and though it is sometimes expensive, you always want to keep it intact. You can ill afford to leave it all behind. It will be a disastrous decision if you leave it behind, especially if they are expensive pieces, and you may not be able to afford to swap it with a new set.

If you try moving yourself, remember the furniture may be heavier than what you can move yourself. This is exactly why you need to hire a professional packer and mover. Even if you're on a tight and meager moving budget, the wellbeing and convenience is definitely worth hiring a couple of hours of professional physical help to pack and carry your heavy furniture. You can also appoint budget movers or economical movers to help if you aren’t interested in renting a moving truck or professional moving service.

You will be saved from tedious labor and from spending a fortune on moving by keeping few rules in mind. Look out in the newspaper's ‘For Hire’ section of the classifieds to find a "man with a van" who can help with some of your things. For such facilities, you have to most likely pay on an hourly basis and these will help you with the picking up. Be ready to do your share of the heavy labor and if you are unable, be sure to notify the driver from before so that he can arrange for help.

If you are appointing a professional, then it would be a smart idea to have insurance for the things that you are moving. Replacement of broken and damaged things is difficult, but can be done if your things are properly insured and you have suitable coverage.

You should always be there in person when the moving truck is being packed with your possessions. If you can't be present, then arrange to have your representative or a responsible family member such as your spouse or your partner there.

You can also hire a professional loader to help only with the loading of your possessions just in case you are driving a rental truck yourself. Make sure you inspect all of your belongings strictly and read the paperwork carefully before you sign it.

Packing big furniture and moving it, like for example, a sleeper sofa or a sofa-bed, can be quite a challenge. You have to understand how to pack it properly so that you can move these big pieces without causing even minor damage to them. So, for example, if you are packing your sofa-bed you have to tie up necessarily, the parts between the bed mechanism and the sofa-bed's front kick-board, to make sure that the bed doesn’t bounce out all of a sudden while it's being moved. This small tip can prevent major damage!

Tie down the bed part of your sofa-bed to prevent it from leaping up at you while moving. For this you will require a 6 to 8 feet long length of strong rope or twine but it would be best if you use a strapping. You can also utilize mover’s tape. Tie it well around the flat kick-board in front of the sofa-bed as well as the top of the spring bed mechanism in front. Tie it firmly by securely tying it in multiple knots.

Confirm that the packing is secure by testing whether it is completely safe by trying to pull out the bed section against this secure packing before you attempt to move your heavy furniture like your bed. If you use tape to pack the bed mechanism then you'll need 2 layers of it in order to make a tape strap that will be strong enough to keep the bed securely packed, and at the same time make sure the furniture does not get tape residue all over. Strapping is the most secured way of packing your furniture, and after you pack it up well do wrap them all with a blanket.

Remember these points and have an easy move especially with your bulky but cherished items – that is your furniture!

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