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Americans Moving To Spain - British Moving To Spain

Americans moving to Spain should not have a problem at all. There are many people outside the European Union who decide to move into Spain and finally become permanent residents of the country. There are certain things people are used to in the US which will be different in Spain so for Americans moving to Spain, these may be little difficulties, which they can easily overcome if they decide to.

It is advised to ship most personal belongings via UPS to Spain. It is not rare to find boxes being lost by movers. If the computer has to be moved, make sure all the information is saved on CDs or an external hard disk for comfort. It is not wise to carry other electrical belongings to Spain. Americans moving to Spain must buy most of their large electrical items in the US and carry them to Spain. They are rather expensive in Spain and will be a problem after you move.

It may be of great help for Americans moving to Spain to open an account in a Spanish Bank which has branches in the USA as well as in Spain, before moving to the new country. One must get a credit card as well so that payments by card and cash are made with ease. As Spain does not entertain checks in most places, this will be very convenient. Moreover, most bills can be directly charged to the account to avoid hassles.

Americans moving to Spain will find the need to hand over copies of important documents every where in Spain. Making a large number of copies of important documents before moving to Spain will come in handy. One of the first things Americans moving to Spain should purchase is a cell phone. Mobiles are rather cheap in Spain and the best part is that the caller pays for the call he makes to you.

Americans moving to Spain may find it rather strange that nothing happens in Spain before 10 a.m. in the morning and between 2 p.m and 4 p.m in the afternoons. Due to this, a lot of things are done in the evenings which will surprise foreigners initially. Another thing that will come in handy for Americans moving to Spain will be a membership in an International club. Attending functions at the club will help meet more people and making friends with others from your home country.

Americans moving to Spain will find that the policemen are rather friendly in Spain and are not as strict as in the US. Moreover, getting drugs in drug stores will shock an American as one does not necessarily need a prescription for even prescription drugs. Buying drugs across the counter is very easy in Spain.

These are some of the things Americans moving to Spain will find different and once one gets used to all this, living in the new country will not be tough at all. However, for British moving to Spain things are a little different. Firstly, the fact that being citizens of the European Union all the facilities available to EU citizens are available to the British as well.

For British moving to Spain, it may be wisest to move into the Cadiz province where there a lot more from the same country and hence adjusting to the new country will not be difficult at all. However, if one has to live in some other place due to other reasons, it will not be very difficult to that part of Spain either.

For starters, you should be sure of why you want to move to Spain and once you are convinced to move into Spain, it will be easy to make the shift. It may be wise to learn Spanish for British moving into Spain. Spanish is essential in most parts of the country except where there are more foreigners. Learning the language will always be an added advantage for you to settle down faster in the new country. There may be small hitches put forth by the bureaucracy, which can be easily overcome.

One of the things that will strike the British moving to Spain is the relaxed life in Spain. It will be frustrating to expect things to happen like in Britain. People here are very relaxed and don’t worry about anything at all. British moving to Spain will find that everyone in the family will really enjoy the new country and will soon adjust to the place and make it home. Another thing that will go a long way before taking the leap is to read as many books and literature on Spain.

Though living in Spain is not tough, shifting to a new place is always a new experience and if one is prepared for everything that is new to them it will make settling down easier.

Whatever your nationality, if you are taking the plunge of moving into Spain, you can be sure you will not regret your decision of shifting from your home country. Spain has more positive points than negative to offer, which will make it easier to adjust into and make life there a pleasure.

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