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Job Relocation

Interstate and International Job Relocation

Do you want to change your job? And will you be relocating to another state or another country? Well, if you have found a job in another state or another country altogether, then this is the article for you.

Job relocation or finding a job in another state can turn out to be a very difficult ordeal. You will see that most companies do not hire applicants from other states. This is because most companies don’t want to waste resources on employee relocation. Another factor is also the logistics and timetable that needs to be prepared to organize interviews with applicants who stay far away.

However, you can also relocate and then find a good job. Log in to the internet and check the local as well as national websites for good job offers in places that you want to relocate to. It would also help if you have friends or relatives staying where you want to relocate and work from. You can stay with them for your interviews. You can even give their address in your resume. The chances of you getting the job become brighter if you are willing to relocate to that place. So, if you are asked, then clearly state that you have plans to relocate.

Networking is also a key for finding the right job out side your state or country. For example if you have an alumni group for your school, they might refer you to available job offers in places where you are willing to relocate. Apart from this, they can help you with the relocation itself and familiarize you with your new surroundings. Once you settle in to the new state or country, you can contact your new office.

However, make sure that you think before you leap. Before you opt for a job relocation, calculate how much will be paid in your new salary, and how much of it you will need to enjoy a comfortable life there. This is important as the standard of living differs in different cities. You can use tools like salary calculators and cost of living calculators for this very purpose.

Salary calculators tell you how much you will be paid in a definite post while cost of living calculators will give you a fair idea about how far your dollar stretches, and compare the cost of living in different cities. Also be sure to find out if your interstate of international relocation will be fully or partly paid for by your new employer.

However in some cases, sometimes you may also have to consider taking the plunge before actually getting the job, and relocating first. You may have to consider first going to the new place and then looking for work. Going to a new and strange place can be quite challenging but you could consider it if you were confident of getting a job easily.

It would help your cause if you lived in the new city, making it that much easier to find work. You can do this especially if you have friends or a relative living there. So you can go stay with them and start working in part time jobs while you search for the right job.

A word of caution - while you will need to transfer most or all of your belongings to your new city, be sure to decide carefully what you need to take with you. Don’t think that the company will pay for your relocation and travel expenses. Find that out first.

If you have to bear your own relocation expenses, plan carefully. Use the right movers to help with the relocation. If you are moving interstate or internationally, be sure to use well known movers with proven expertise and the right credentials. If you think you don’t need to have all of your stuff moved at one go, or its too cumbersome to pack everything, then consider selling things you no longer require, or things which you can’t take with you. You may want to consider selling your car if you were moving to another country, for example, as the cost of moving it might be too expensive. If you don’t want to sell your stuff but feel that you might want to bring it down once you’ve settled in, you can also opt for a self-storage facility, where you can keep your stuff at very reasonable rates till you are ready to bring it down later.

For international job relocation however you need to be extra cautious and well informed. You should gather all information related to migration, and the immigration and moving laws to the country you choose to go. Find out about the legal aspect of moving to the county, or the embassy of the country that you want to relocate. This may also affect the things you move down such as pets and appliances. You don’t want to end up paying a hefty duty on appliance imports, now do you?

So, do your homework and you will surely be able to relocate interstate or internationally with ease and confidence.

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