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Living in London

The move to England

It is natural to resist change, especially if it is concerned with the very basic tenets of human existence. Shifting home is difficult and the task becomes arduous when one is required to shift everything and move to England. The basic difficulty in shifting to a foreign land is the cultural and language barrier. When you move to England, the language issue is taken care of. What remains, however, is the basic information required for a smooth move to England and the groundwork required to be undertaken prior to the move.

Move to UK, base in London

Though living in London is not always the best option it is possible to explore the options that are provided and which can be sewn together by utilizing the excellent transportation system and proximity of places throughout UK. A move to England is incomplete without knowing a few basic facts about the lifestyle of the British. Generally the attitude is laid back and helpful as long you do not bang into somebody extremely busy. The city of London is considered to be one of the busiest cities in the world and living in London can mean a hectic but fulfilling life.

The Country

The introduction to England starts with landing at one of the two main International airports at UK - the Gatwick and Heathrow airport. When you move to England alongwith your bag and baggage, it is pertinent to know that the customs authorities are at full liberty to verify the contents for every move to England for application of taxes. Don’t worry - if the stuff carried during move to England by you is older than six months, it will not attract any tax. The climate throughout the country is pleasant except for the festivities during Christmas when the mercury dips a bit. The city of London is almost always abuzz with some or other activity and it is prudent to be prepared before you move to England and intimate or at least make arrangement for reception at the airport when you actually move to England.

The Reception

It is also important that eminent documents are kept handy during the immigration check at the airport during the move to England. These include the passport, visa if any, the medical documents, identification papers and vaccination data. The list doesn’t end here rather the main work starts only after you are out of the airport and in a true sense have started the move to England. Hopefully the housing and job issue have been settled by you, else you would not have initiated the move to England.

Welcome to England - now you are free to start your formal interaction with the English men and women. All your worries about the schooling, banking, transportation, neighborhood, social life etc. can take the front seat now. In the true sense your move to England has been completed. Wait a minute - Haven’t you forgotten the bulk of your luggage which is yet to arrive through some Movers in England?!

Movers in England

The general tendency during a move is to tie up and forward the heavy load luggage prior to the move and schedule it to arrive after the reception, unloading and settlement issues have been taken care of. Movers in England are generally dependable and have tie ups with the local movers in every country. The issue then is to catch hold of appropriate Movers in England and their local counterparts. The Movers in England are not limited only to shifting of luggage but are engaged right from the planning, scheduling, packing and shipping of the load. Movers in England promise delivery of luggage within a month if the freight is transported through sea routes. However, the actual duration may vary depending upon the route chosen and the traffic conditions along those routes and ports.

The Unloading Struggle

Today’s Movers in England utilise the technological advancements to provide an excellent tool in the form of Internet and Mobile wherein it is also possible to track the shipment location almost everyday. The most important aspect is to ensure that the intimation of arrival of the luggage at the port / Cargo space is received immediately either through the Movers in England or through own arrangement. The Movers in England are professionals and are aware of the pitfalls involved in shifting. However it is always advisable to be safe and ensure prompt acceptance of luggage upon arrival lest the authorities decide to levy extra fine for occupying the already scarce space. The Movers in England should also be clearly sounded regarding the requirement of delivery of the load at any specific preplanned location. The unloading charges may also be finalized with the Movers in England. Its best to leave all the worry to the Movers in England albeit entailing extra cost but that buys something we all crave for - Peace Of Mind!

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