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Jobs in Spain - Working in Spain

When you have decided to move to Spain, you should be aware of the various options you have to avail of Jobs in Spain. One of the most important requirements for Working in Spain could be put down as knowing the language. It is important to have at least the basic working knowledge of Spanish, if not learning the language to the utmost. Finding Jobs in Spain and Working in Spain will then become easier.

Unemployment in Spain is rather high and hence competition for jobs is also strong. There are vacancies available in almost every field of work in Spain thanks to this. However, unless one has personal contacts, getting jobs in Spain may not be easy. Most vacancies are filled in through personal contacts. Moreover there are restrictive regulations on employing foreigners in most work places. As mentioned earlier, knowledge of the language will be of great help when looking for Jobs in Spain especially since there are restrictions on foreigners. It will take time to find the right job but eventually one does happen to manage.

Most foreigners Working in Spain are found in the retail stores, restaurants, bars, as teachers of foreign languages, in telemarketing and as estate agents. There are seasonal jobs available along the coast where foreigners work during the summer months. Another popular field of Jobs in Spain is with wealthy families, where one works in housekeeping, childcare, cooking and as a driver.

Another important thing to remember when looking for Jobs in Spain is the official work contract issued when a job is taken on. Once you have received this work contract, you are supposed to pay tax and national insurance to the state and you will receive a social security card which entitles you to free medical facilities. Without a proper contract, one could be fined heavily by the government. It is important to read what is written in the contract before signing it, so that you are not taken for a ride in the new country.

All European Union citizens have the right to work in Spain. Some of the comfortable Jobs in Spain for foreigners are:

•Estate agencies, where a little experience in sales and marketing can get you going.

•Telemarketing, where good verbal communication skills is a requirement.

•Care workers, where experience in the field of care taking is enough.

•Teachers must have the qualifications to teach and English teachers must have a TEFL accreditation.

•IT opportunities are open to those with training and practical knowledge of the software in use.

•Administration of a car hire business is common and an ability to deal with customers is a requirement.

•Working in a Bar or Restaurant only requires you to be neat and tidy and presentable, with courtesy and dignity.

Working in Spain is not difficult at all if you have knowledge of the language. You can easily get the job of your choice and on will be able to live a rather comfortable life with your income. There is a requirement for a work permit to work in Spain. It is advisable to move to Spain only after you have found a Job in Spain. Usually the company employing the person, will themselves send the application form to Madrid where it is stamped and sent to the nearest Spanish Consulate. The employee can pick up the work permit and comfortable move into Spain and legally work in Spain. There is also a requirement of a residence card which takes a few months to be made.

There are people who do not look for Jobs in Spain but start their own business in Spain. This could be tough on a foreigner, and yet there people who choose to do it. To start your own business, you will require a “tarieta comunitaria” and a “licencia fiscal” for starters. There are a lot of difficulties with the government and also the local authorities which will be made easy only if one knows Spanish and can easily communicate with authorities. However, once the business picks up after a few months, life becomes comfortable and for those who insist on doing their own work, this may be the best option.

Though unemployment is high in Spain, many Europeans are flocking the country in search of work. Taxes, Labor and operational costs are not really low and yet there are people from all over the world especially the European Union, who choose to Work in Spain. All one needs if one is a EU citizen is an NIE number and one can find easy Jobs in Spain. The major requirement is working knowledge of Spanish, nothing else! For specific jobs, experience and knowledge of the work is required, otherwise finding Jobs in Spain is not a problem at all. Working in Spain will indeed be worth it, should you decide to shift to the country.

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