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Living in Spain

For those who are sure they are making a shift to Spain, Living in Spain will not be a problem at all. In fact, with so many people shifting into the country, Spain has finally become a permanent home for foreigners who even come to live for only a short while. Though for practical purposes it is wiser to learn the basics of Spanish, Living in Spain will not really entail knowing or learning the local language. One can easily manage if one knows only English as a lot of services are offered in English too.

There is a lot of difference between holidaying in Spain and living in Spain. For those living in Spain, there are a lot of activities which you can get involved in. Most events are advertised in the media and in English so that no one misses them. There are a lot of club activities and other recreational facilities, which though they are conducted in Spanish, are advertised in English to attract all those living in Spain.

Finding a decent place for living in Spain is not difficult at all. One has numerous options. As soon as you have decided on the place you want to live in, its not difficult to decide on whether you want to rent out a home or buy a place and make it home. There are plenty of estate agents in every town who make finding a place for living in Spain very much easier. There are many foreigners, especially European citizens who work in these agencies, who will communicate with you in your own language and make it easier for you to choose a place to live in.

Cost of Living in Spain depends on where one lives. Like everywhere in the world, big cities are expensive but smaller towns and the countryside are a lot cheaper. Compared to other parts of Europe tobacco, alcohol, meats, vegetables and fruits are a lot cheaper in Spain. Clothes and electrical appliances are more expensive. One will notice that things imported from other countries are more expensive than local stuff.

The Spanish Public transport system is very good indeed but if you have a car of your own, it is always nicer and makes living in Spain a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. Before taking to the wheel, there are certain things you must be sure you have so that it makes life a lot easier. A valid passport is very essential for anyone who owns a car and intends driving in Spain. Apart from this, you will also need other things like a valid driver’s license, a pair of reflective triangles, a reflective jacket to wear when getting off the car on highways, spare light bulbs, a comprehensive tool kit, vehicle insurance and all other important vehicle documents. Once all these are at hand, you can comfortably commence driving in Spain.

Facilities for Driving in Spain especially road networks and infrastructure have improved ever since Spain has become a part of the European Union. Roads are good and signals are available everywhere to make Driving in Spain an easy experience. There are specific speed limits that one has to follow when driving in Spain, these are indeed very similar to all others in the EU, and if one follows them properly there will be no difficulty at all.

Though most of the rules are the same as they are in all EU countries, one should positively follow the rules when Driving in Spain. Fines are pretty high for defaulters and on occasions one will be imprisoned if one is caught for a driving offence. When driving in Spain, you should be particular not to park in no parking areas especially on curbs and risky areas. Speeding and drunken driving in Spain can be considered a very serious offence and one may have to spend time behind bars for this. The Spanish are very particular about wearing seatbelts and also about not using cell phones when driving in Spain.

Public Health Care in Spain is of a very high standard. There are many private health insurance companies, but using them may not be essential at all since the public run healthcare in Spain is very good. Most companies that employ foreigners have a tie up with a private health insurance company, so when one gets a job one is immediately given health insurance.

All citizens of the European Union are entitled to free healthcare in Spain. Those visiting the country too have easy access to healthcare thanks to this. The only requirement for an EU citizen is the E111 or the E121 form. With this, healthcare in Spain is available without a problem. Doctors and nurses in Spain are highly qualified and treatment and medication is of the best standards. Falling ill in Spain is not a problem at all.

The only healthcare in Spain that you are charged for is Dentistry. This is not covered by the public insurance but some private companies cover this too. Dentist treatment is not very expensive and is highly affordable. One will not have a problem in getting an appointment with a dentist either. Medical facilities are very good and doctors and nurses by and large speak English. In Spain, it is often seen that family members are encouraged to give basic nursing to patients, which makes it easy for the patient, the family as well as the nursing staff.

Hence, living in Spain is not a problem at all for anyone, be it on a vacation or staying for longer. People who visit Spain invariably decide to make a livelihood there sometime. Driving in Spain is easy too. For one who takes the wheel, its not difficult to navigate through the country. Healthcare in Spain too is probably the best in the entire European Union. Nothing in Spain is difficult at all!!

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