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Criterion to Compare Local Movers

How do you decide when you have to hire a local mover from your neighborhood? Well, you are in the right place, as this article is going to help you compare local movers and ultimately find the right one who meets your requirements. The hectic job of moving is made easier when you find the right local mover who can bring all your possessions safely to your new home right where you need them.

One wrong decision in selecting the mover can cost you dearly. You may never see your cherished possessions in good shape again. Thus, with such a huge responsibility, you can’t afford to go wrong with the local mover you hire. You have many options here such as a renting a moving truck or hiring a moving company. You can compare the estimated cost of moving as provided by local movers. It is important to remember that it is also essential to check the local movers’ license whether you are moving within the state or out of the state.

You may need storage for your possessions and may also require specialized moving services for some items you own, like a piano, for instance. No matter how far you want to move, checking with multiple local movers will provide you with competitive estimates. Several of these movers can be found on the internet on sites such as 123movers.

For moving within your state, be sure to find out whether the local mover you are thinking of hiring is licensed by the state's Department of Transportation, Public Utilities Commission, or Bureau of Consumer Affairs. You can check with your local state association to see if the mover is licensed. The mover must be licensed by the Federal Department of Transportation if you want to move out of the state. There are many sites which have a list of licensed local movers with all the required registrations licenses. The local movers listed in these websites are checked for essential licensing, insurance, and proper authorization which are corroborated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) records.

So, any local mover that you are looking at will have to meet certain criteria. Be sure to verify with the Better Business Bureau what number of un-settled disputes and claims, if any, are pending against them. Local Better Business Bureau offices keep a database of all companies registered within the state. Companies which have too many unanswered claims and unsought disputes should be kept at bay. However, even good companies may have a few unsettled claims against them due to the large volume of moving jobs they handle. If the performance of these companies is evaluated as fairly satisfactory and if they settle claims and resolve disputes promptly, then this would be a safe local mover to hire. For additional safety, ensure that the company is enlisted with the state moving and storage association or a member of the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA).

Any company of good repute will be enrolled with either one or both the organizations. Make sure that the address provided by the local mover actually exists, and if possible visit their office in person. Stay away from companies who don’t provide their address and official documents in websites, as it is very important to know the physical location of the movers to be able to contact them if anything goes wrong. Stay wary of over-enthusiastic salesmen, and always keep in mind that popular companies will not resort to cheap tactics such as bad-mouthing other companies just to get business.

Don’t give in to pestering telemarketers, as all they want is to get a sales person into your home to give you an estimate for moving. Always do your own research, and find out all the necessary details about the company and then decide who to hire. The estimate should never be the reason to hire a mover as almost always, the real cost of moving will be much higher than the estimate.

Try and meet the owner of the local moving company personally. Then you can take a call and decide whether the company has the credentials and potential to satisfy your moving needs. Finally, before you finalize the deal, do have a detailed talk with the movers before you choose to hire them starting from whether they will send a visual estimator, additional charges for extra weight, when you will get the delivery of your goods, what happens if you do your own packing, insurance coverage, how to file claims and so on. Make a checklist of your requirements, and clarify all your doubts. So go ahead do your research and select the best local mover out there and you will have one smooth move!

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