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Moving to England

If you are planning on moving to England, you should read the following guide that summarizes everything you need to know for your move to the UK.

Useful Information For the Move to England

England spans across 129,720 sq km, or 50,085 sq miles, so there are plenty of spaces to choose from when moving to England.

The current population of England is 51,000,000

England is in the same timezone as the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC 0).

People from many cultures choose to move to England, even though the official language is still English. The country is the origin of the custom language spoken in the international community. Each region of England has it's own tongue and native accents, and it is sometimes hard to understand what a person is saying, even if you speak fluent English yourself.

England includes many religions including the Church of England, Catholic, Methodist, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Hindu.

The English currency is the British pound streling - £

England has a240V 50Hz of electricity, with an electricity plug that has two flat bladed one the top and one vertical blade on the bottom.

The countries dialing code is 44.

Working in England

If you're thinking of moving to England the first thing you have to find out is whether you have a career opportunity waiting for you in the UK. First make sure you have all of the visa documents to allow you to work in the UK.

The british minimum wage for people 22 or over is £5.52 per hour.


Finding work online before moving to England is crucial in order to make sure you can be secured finantially once you get to brittain. Among the more popular England job search engines are:

The capital of England is London, the largest city in Great Britain, and the largest city in the European Union.

England is considered one of the most influential centers of the world. It is the origin of the English language, the Church of England, and the English law has influened many political and legislative systems around the world. It was once a great empire that reach as far as India and Israel, and is the origin of the industrial revolution.

England is also the first parliamentary democracy in the world.


One of the more influential factors to consider when moving to England is the climate, and England poses a climate that is not suited for evceryone.

England has a temprate climate, with rains falling all year long. Temprature rarely falls below -5°C(23°F), or rise above 30°C(86°F). The south-west wind is the strongest, and it bring the rains from the Atlantic Ocean to England. Weather in England is driest in the east and warmest in the south. It may snow in England during Winter and early Spring.


Another factor to consider before moving to England is the population. London harbours a little over 8 million people, while West midlands and Manchester have 2 M each. West Yorkshire has a population of 1.5M. Tyneside and Liverpool between 800-900 tousand. Nottingham and Sheffield have about 650 thousand people. Even smaller are Bristol, Brighton, Portsmouth, Leicester, Bournemouth, Reading and Teesside.


Your quality of life after moving to England will be affected by economic conditions which are worth learning about. London is the biggest business and commercial centre in England, and is at the top the the world with New York as a global finance center.

England is the second largest economy in Europe and the fifth in the world, and follows the Anglo-Saxon economical model.

The leading industries in England include:

Drugs and pharmaceutical products, chemical products, aerospace industry, arms industry and the software manufacturing industry.

England's export includes: petroleum, tea, wool, raw sugar, timber, butter, metals and meat.

The interest rates are set by the Bank of England

The main stock exchange is the London stock exchange.

Tourism is the sixth largest industry in the UK, with a wopping 76 billion pounds added each year.

6% of the population – 1.8 M people, work in tourism.

The age of the population of England is on the rise. England is one of the more densly populated countries in Europe, with 383 people per kilometer.

There are many migrants moving to England coming from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Also moving to England are immigrants from India and the British Caribbean, Pakistan and Germany. Most of these immigrants settle in London and in the South East of England.

In 2005 565 thousand migrants moved to England to live for at least a year, while 380,000 emigrated outside of England for a year or more. The destination to move out of enlgand is centered in moving to Australia, Moving to spain as well as moving to France.

Moving to England is possible without restriction within the European member states.

the UK (along with Ireland) do not impose restrictions on these kinds of move.

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