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Interstate Movers Guide

Moving from your old home? Setting up a home in a new place? Don’t worry. You have just found the right article to provide you with all the help that you may need for moving and selecting the right interstate movers.

Even if you are moving to a new state, that shouldn’t be a problem. With few great tips you will be able to find the right interstate movers. The right interstate mover should be one that can satisfy all your needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

Choosing the right interstate mover is no easy task. The moving industry is completely unregulated. Therefore, you are on your own when you move and thus all your possessions are constantly at risk.

Ever since Congress did away with the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1995, the moving industry has been completely free from any kind of control. According to sources from the Council of Better Business Bureaus, in the last ten years, complaints have only increased. Moving companies tend to take advantage of being free from any sort of governmental control and the customers are often at the receiving end.

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Source: Council of Better Business Bureaus

Fly-by-night companies will try to woo you with low prices only to charge you several times more once they take possession of your belongings, and unless you pay them what they demand, they keep your things hostage. Taking help of random websites to find out quotes of various interstate movers is not a good idea. Remember, there are many companies looking for gullible people, especially in the virtual world.

Visit these companies at their official address, and meet their management or staff in person. Consider only those estimates that you have taken personally.

But sadly enough, even if you are careful and take estimates in person, you can still be victimized by the driver who will be driving the truck. The truth is, it’s not that unusual a phenomenon, and is more common than we believe.

To select the right interstate movers, don’t take it for granted that a big company with a good reputation will be a safe option. They might have drivers who can delay delivery of your things, or hold them for ransom till you pay higher charges. Secondly, do not rely solely on the internet for quotes from different movers.

Get references from friends, colleagues, neighbors and people you know personally. Then, ask those who have moved interstate not too long ago. As there is no guarantee that a moving company that had been good in the past, would maintain its quality and still be good, look to get feedback of their claim history and verify if they pay quickly.

Do check with your office to see which moving company they generally hire. You can also check with real estate dealers in your area for references.

Shortlist and consider only those companies that have been in business for at least a decade. Clearly note down basics such as the name of the moving company, their business address, phone number, and also take note of important information like whether it is licensed by the Department of Transportation. Don’t forget to take down the owner’s name and how long the company has been around.

Take down the names of some of their customers and get in touch with at least some of them to know their experience with the movers.

Get the moving company to personally send a visual estimator to your home and give you weight bases estimate.

Go to their office yourself and see their establishment in person. You will get an idea whether their trucks are licensed or not and whether they are leased for other companies. Beware of the company if you find their office shabby or if it looks like as if they have just set up their office.

Do some online research. Especially in some states like Florida, all information is available online. While in some states like California, you will find information online but might have to look around a bit. However, they may take months to mail you minor things like the owner’s name, so visit the moving companies and collect estimates on your own.

Consult the Better Business Bureau to know the company’s record and ask for their Department Of Transport license number at the FMCSAs Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER) Web site. If you are armed with this arsenal of knowledge, your interstate move will be a much easier move!

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