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Studying Abroad In Israel

 You have decided to go on an extraordinary adventure and study for a master’s degree abroad! Studying in a foreign country forces us to deal with a foreign language, a different culture, and logistical assessments of accommodation and equipment transfer. Pre-assessments for studying abroad can save a lot of headaches, lower stress, and anxiety, and make adaptation soft, fun, and full of once in a lifetime experiences!

Here are three things you need to keep in mind whenever you make the trip to Israel for studying abroad.


You need to have some degree of planning in the following areas. First, you need to make sure you have a budget, especially if your currency is going to be converted to the local currency. Make sure you understand what rent, food, and school are going to cost you because being broke in a country you are not a local of can be a rough experience.

Also, make sure your Visa and health insurance are prepared for your travels. You should be able to keep everything up to date before you go, so make finding that information a priority. Finally, always keep a list of people you can contact from the university on hand, as they can help you if you are having trouble.

Learn the Language

Even if you only know a few words and phrases in Hebrew, make sure to put some effort into learning the local language. You should either try to learn the language on your own as much as possible or see what classes are offered by your university. Don’t assume that everyone speaks your language and try to memorize some key phrases in case of an emergency when you study abroad in Israel.

Be Familiar With The Culture

Every single culture has its own culture and customs, and Israel is no different. Make sure to learn about the laws and culture, and specifically how they differ from your home country. Also, make sure to convert any money at the airport, and have an idea of how you are going to get from the airport to the city where you should be studying.

Have Fun

Finally, don’t be afraid to have fun. It’s a foreign country and you need to spend as much time exploring while you study and work. Talk to the locals and have them point you to the hidden areas of Israel that are not on any website or map… that’s where you get the real once in a lifetime experience!

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