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Moving to London


All the information required to move to London can be found in a summarized form right HERE!!

What we are providing here is an informative insight into all the details that are necessary pre – moving to London, during moving to London, and after the relocation is done.

You can take a breather and relax, as whatever information required is right here. We will be giving you an update of the following relevant info:

•Why move to London?


•General tips while moving

•Where to get help before, during and after your move to London

General Information

London is one the most popular cities in Europe besides being the center point of UK. Its population is around 7.5 million.

It is famous for its monuments and various sights like Big Ben, Tower of London, Westminster abbey, Buckingham palace etc.

London is situated on the banks of the river Thames and has been considered widely as an important place for politics, education, finance etc. The language commonly spoken in London is English but there are people from various religions and cultures so that a variety of dialects and languages can be heard as we pass through the parts of the city.

The city consists of some 33 smaller districts, which look into the needs of the people within their individual areas.

For more info about moving to UK click here.

You will find that eating out is also a good experience with so many good restaurants and hotels that cater to all types of food

The public transportation system is quite efficient and well connected to the furthest suburbs at the same time being cost efficient too.

In case if you are unable to find your exact place or you are lost in London then you can rely on the call boxes or the phone booths and inform the relevant authorities.

Type of Relocation

Your household goods and materials can be transferred from your source to London through these basic means of transport:



c)Surface transport

All the options have their pros and cons depending on the charges, speed of travel etc. But all of the options will require documentation from your end regarding any taxes, duties, passport/visa copies etc.

In case of any of the above options, keep all the details and important documents with you when you move to London as that will avoid unnecessary delay.

London is well connected with all means of transportation such as waterways, airways and surface transports.

Job Opportunities

One mainly wants to move to London because of the varied job opportunities available in the city as London is considered as the political, cultural and financial hub of UK and also in Europe.

London also caters to the educational needs of the people wanting to settle in the city providing for part time courses, scholarships etc.

For all the legal matters and various documents, one can find all the information at governments websites, which are quite informative. These sites give information regarding the taxes and other rules and regulations concerning an individual who has to move to London.

Before making a move to London, arrange for

a)Visa - in case moving from out of UK

b)Bank account – which is needed in case of emergency funds, getting mobile connections etc


There are mainly three different airports in London, which can be recounted here namely:

1.Heathrow (main airport)

2.Gatwick and


Heathrow is widely considered as the main airport and caters to most of the inflow and outflow of London city.

Relocating and Moving Tips

For a person who is making a move to London for the first time, will have to take care of a few important issues.

Before The Move To London

Gather complete information about the following:

a)About the areas, major cities of the London

b)Various languages spoken

c)Currency system that is used in London etc

During The Move To London

a)Carry complete documents and other formalities that are required by the London authorities

b)Safely keep all your documents because these are very much required during your move to London.

After The Move To London

a)Various maps of London

b)Public information pocket books which are readily available

c)Complete information about the railway, air and bus timetables of London

d)Visa, passport and other important documents should be kept safely and at hand for easier identity management by the London authorities.

There are various movers in London which exist in and around London that will help you in case of the move to London. These are all professional services who will take care of the




d)Insurance and other documents and formalities

These professional movers in London can be contacted and they will provide you with all the necessary information required prior to moving. You can get professional quotes from different movers for the moving and relocation and accordingly get the best deal while not compromising on the efficiency of the movers in London.

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