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Moving to Australia

We have prepared a complete guide for moving to Australia. If you are planning a move to the continent down under, read this guide and get moving.

General Information About Australia

The capital of Australia is Canberra. Sydney, often mistaken for the capital, is the largest city. Australia has a Parliamentary democracy government system. The Political system is Democratic, and includes a federal-state system recognizing the British monarch as sovereign

The Governor is Michael Jeffery and the Prime minister is John Howard. The constitution of Australia was written in January 1 1901, and the Statute of Westminster on December 11 1931. The total area of Australia spans almost 3 million sq miles, with only 1% water.

The population of Australia in 2007 is apx. 21 million Aussies. They live in density of 6.7 people for square mile, so if your moving to Australia soon, don't worry about having enough space there. The GDP(PPP) in Australia is apx. 720 billion USD, which is 34,000 $ per capita. If you want to call Australia, the area code is +61.

92% of Australians are Caucasian, 7% are Asians, and the rest are aboriginal and other ethnicities.

The religious sects in Australia are devided almost evenly into 26% Anglican, 26% Roman Catholic, 24% other Christians, 11% non Christians and 12.6% other.

If you are moving to Australia for traveling proposes, you will be happy to know that Australia hosts a variety of beautiful views and terrains, from golden beaches, the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, tropical rainforests, mountain ranges, deserts that stretch through thousands of miles, as well as endless grazing lands.

Summer in Australia occurs between December and febuary, while winter continues from june to august.

This is the opposite to the northern hemisphere, and could be a good option for people who are moving to Australia for periods of less than half a year. Many immigrants stay in Australia in the summer months, and travel back to the north hemisphere in the Australian winter. This way you get a year round run of sunny weather.

Automn in Australia occurs between March and May, while spring is September to November.

The major cities of Australia are:

Adelaide, South Australia; Brisbane, Queensland; Melbourne, Victoria; Perth, Western Australia; Sydney, and New South Wales

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