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Moving Timetable 3-2 Weeks

Moving Timetable - 3 Weeks Before Your Move | 2 Weeks before your Move

Moving to a new home can be a hectic process. Though, if you plan it correctly, you can reduce and perhaps completely do away with the stress and strain that comes with moving. To think of planning your move, we suggest the best way would be to make a week by week planning schedule - a week by week timetable of the things that needs to be done before you move is a great idea.

If you plan to make a timetable for the list of things that needs to be done, then we suggest that first you should buy and keep a sufficient supply of packing materials and gear. Pack only those things that you won’t need for the time being or that will go into cargo space.

Arrange for moving services and other services for both places - that is, your old home from where you move and your new home. Fix up the dates and time way before your actual moving date. In case there is a change in plans, then inform your moving company as well as all other services accordingly. Find out and arrange for the final provisions of the journey for your family and pets.

Two weeks before you move, your moving timetable should be include arranging for the vehicle(s) for the journey to your new residence. Test out the tires and have the car(s) serviced prior to the move.

Make sure that you either terminate or update the providers of certain essential services like gas, electricity, telephone, the internet connection and the post office. Also remember to either terminate or update your newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Notify your bank about the move and update your new address as well and finalize your new bank accounts by phone and fax.

Plan an appliance check before the moving date to make ready all major appliances for the move. In two to three weeks before moving you have to work with the moving company to plan out the move. Inform the company representative in case you want to include or discard objects that you plan to take with you. Also tell the company if there are any modifications in dates. Give the company and their personnel the address and phone numbers of your new home so that they can contact you.

Tell the moving company for sure if there will be any extra stops necessary to load and/or unload things in places apart from the main pickup or delivery destinations. If your vehicle is being moved, you may have to drive it to an appropriate loading point. Also be ready to pick up your car at a proper destination site.

Get your family ready for the move by arranging a proper goodbye to all friends, neighbors and relatives and visit an all time favorite place of your family’s that is full of happy memories. Throw a special goodbye party for your little ones and their friends. Finally, relax and have a little bit of enjoyment for yourself. You can treat yourself to an open house or an informal dinner or barbecue. Keep it uncomplicated and easy. This will help ease the anxieties of moving.

Plan your journey with your whole family to your new address. Book hotel rooms and airline tickets as considered necessary way before you actually travel. A hassle free journey is the least you deserve all the packing and moving. Get your car checked if you are planning to drive all the way to your new home.

To move your home items with you, always remember, that according to the Federal law you must get rid of all inflammables such as fireworks, cleaning liquids, matches, acids, aerosol cans, ammunition, and poisons such as weed killer. Empty all fuel from your mower and other machinery. Throw away open and half used cans of oil, paint, thinner, bleach, or any other substances that may be combustible or those safe in containers that may seep out. You can’t take propane tanks that are used for barbecue grills.

Get your rugs and draperies dry-cleaned. However keep them covered inside the packages as they are returned from the cleaners. Do not clean your uncovered furniture before moving. Moisture could cause mold if furniture is to be kept in a storeroom for sometime.

Finally, if you have made your timetable and stuck to it according to the weeks left for moving, you would be one happy person/or family who will move without any tensions and anxieties!

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